Closing event - Conference: Linguistic Competences at workplace

Past Friday, February 21st took place the Conference "Linguistic Competences at workplace" organised as a closing event of the research project "Language & Occupations".

The conference included an excellent, bright and very interesting lecture given by PhD Michele Gazzola (Ulster University), a leading economist in the analysis of language skills at workplaces.

Besides, a review of the work done was carried out, mainly focused on presenting the book which collects the main findings and conclusions of the project (forthcoming, URV Publications), as well as the project website and ILT measurements created, a set of open-access data which can be accessed online and downloaded for free. The URL of the project website is:

We are really satisfied and proud of the great work conducted by all the project members over the last 4 years, which allowed achieving the research objectives with high-quality standards.