The Handbook of Applied Linguistics

Davies, A. & Elder, C.
Blackwell Publishing

t. I. Introduction. 1. Applied Linguistics: An Emerging Discipline for the Twenty-first Century William Grabe. 2. Research Approaches in Applied Linguistics Patricia A. Duff - Pt. II. The Four Skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. 3. Speaking Martin Bygate. 4. Listening: Questions of Level Tony Lynch. 5. Reading in a Second Language William Grabe. 6. Second Language Writing Ilona Leki - Pt. III. Discourse Analysis. 7. Discourse Analysis and Applied Linguistics Deborah Poole - Pt. IV. The Study of Second Language Learning. 8. Formal Linguistic Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition Alan Juffs. 9. Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Acquisition James P. Lantolf. 10. Identity and Language Learning Bonny Norton and Kelleen Toohey. 11. Cognitive Perspectives on Second Language Acquisitions Michael Harrington. 12. A Variationist Perspective on Second Language Acquisition: Psycholinguistic Concerns Dennis R. Preston. 13. Social Psychological Perspective on Second Language Acquisition Robert C. Gardner. 14. An Interactionist Perspective on Second Language Acquisition Susan Gass. 15. Pragmatics and Second Language Acquisition Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig - Pt. V. The Study of Second Language Teaching. 16. Curriculum Development: The Interface between Political and Professional Decisions Peter Medgyes and Marianne Nikolov. 17. Communicative, Task-Based, and Content-Based Language Instruction Marjorie Bingham Wesche and Peter Skehan. 18. Bilingual Education Colin Baker - Pt. VI. Variation in Language Use and Language Performance. 19. Sources of Variation in Language Learning Rebecca L. Oxford. 20. Language Transfer and Cross-Linguistic Studies: Relativism, Universalism, and the Native Language Terence Odlin. 21. Language Uses in Professional Contexts Mary McGroarty - Pt. VII. Bilingualism and the Individual Learner. 22. Contexts for Becoming Bilingual Learners in School Settings Christian Faltis. 23. Cognitive Processing in Bilinguals: Language Choice and Code-Switching Kees de Bot. 24. The Bilingual Lexicon Judith F. Kroll and Ton Dijkstra - Pt. VIII. Multilingualism in Society. 25. Language Contact Peter Hans Nelde. 26. Pidgins and Creoles Jeff Siegel. 27. Language Spread and Its Study: Narrowing Its Spread as a Scholarly Field Ofelia Garcia. 28. Language Shift and Language Revitalization Nancy H. Hornberger. 29. Ecology of Languages Peter Muhlhausler - Pt. IX. Language Policy and Planning. 30. Methodologies for Policy and Planning Richard B. Baldauf, Jr. 31. Unplanned Language Planning William G. Eggington. 32. Limitations of Language Policy and Planning James W. Tollefson - Pt. X. Translation and Interpretation. 33. Translation Roda P. Roberts. 34. Interpretation Nancy L. Schweda Nicholson - Pt. XI. Language Assessment and Program Evaluation. 35. Issues in Language Assessment Geoff Brindley. 36. Technology in Standardized Language Assessments Micheline Chalhoub-Deville - Pt. XII. Technological Applications in Applied Linguistics. 37. Directions in Automated Essay Analysis Jill Burstein and Martin Chodorow. 38. Computer-Assisted Language Learning Carol A. Chapelle - Pt. XIII. Conclusion. 39. Where to from Here? Robert B. Kaplan.