REDES: Reconocimiento de Entidades Digitales: Enriquecimiento y Seguimiento mediante Tecnologías del Lenguajey

López, L Guijarro, A. &Martín Valdivia, M.

The main objective of this project is to develop an integration model able to define and create digital entities profiles. Such digital entities will include not only the basic, but also their linguistic and social features by means of using and integrating different information sources available. More specifically, three will be the Web sources: unstructured and structured data, but and also linked open data. Starting from this huge and heterogeneous amount of information, digital entities will be generated by means of the design and development of tools, resources and techniques based on NLP. Such entities will consist in a structure of semantic information where to place such data (with special attention to the spatial dimensions (geographical location) and temporal (variation of data that compose the entity during time).